This Is What I Think.

After so many years of discussing the topic with friends and family,
I have finally formulated my opinion about the rights and decisions homosexuality entails.

In an interview about the topic, which you can watch here, Mike Huckabee likens gay marriage, and therefore being gay, to drinking and swearing; claiming that being gay is a choice.  At first thought, the idea of this is absolutely preposterous.  However, with further analysis and deeper understanding, it makes just enough sense for me to agree with it.

Now, before my readers start scoffing and rejecting my ideals, it is important  to know that I myself identify with what society labels as ‘gay’ (more on this in a later post.  It quite difficult to explain).

When Huckabee states, and I’m paraphrasing, that being gay is a choice, I do not believe he means the actual attraction to same-sex individuals is a choice.  Rather, the act of engaging in homosexual acts is the choice.  (I hate the fact that the term ‘homosexual acts’ has a negative connotation, so please, as my reader, try to keep an open mind to this term.  I do not mean it to be offensive by any stretch of the imagination.)

An individual, such as myself, can be homosexual and refuse to engage in sexual activity with a person of the same sex.  (My reasons are purely religious). Being gay and engaging in homosexual activity are not necessarily dependent of each other.

So yes, I do agree in the capacity that engaging in homosexual activity is a choice, much like engaging in heterosexual activity is also a choice.

This may upset some individuals, but I myself am a republican.  I am a republican supporting both liberal and conservative ideals.  Should two men or two women get “married?”  Sure.  Call it whatever you want, but two individuals who love each other enough to spend the rest of their lives together should be able to do what they want.  Do I agree with the “share the wealth” ideology?  No.  It becomes more of an idea of what is fair.  For me, equality means everybody, and I mean everybody, should have the same opportunities AND…disadvantages, for lack of a better term.  If republicans believe that members of the 1% should pay the same taxes and fees as lower class individuals, then gay individuals should able marry just as straight individuals do.  That’s it.  No questions asked.

In the modern world, humanity has seen too much inequality and segregation to start picking and choosing humans rights.  They are called human rights for a reason: they apply to all humans.  Leaders of the world need to understand that the sexual orientation of one individual has no effect on the progression of society.  It does not hurt, it does not help.  It is simply there.  Once this idea is fully understood and accepted can humanity reach unprecedented rights.


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