This Is How It Should Be.

Since humankind developed the ability to think and discern between what is desirable and what isn’t, the labeling of individuals into a certain group has created rifts that never seem to dissipate.  Members of the general populace feel required, if not entitled, to immediately rank others based on their looks, ideals, or even worse, sexuality.

For every social rift closed, another one seems to rip open, often more severe and controversial.  It is not anybody’s fault, as social ranking has become a staple in modern society.  It is something we do not know how to stop because we do not know we are doing it.  This is seen in the simple labeling of gay and lesbian.

In a perfect world, where there is no conflict and controversy ceases to exist, there is no definition to gay or lesbian because it does not exist.  No, this does mean that every man is paired with a women or vice versa; but, instead, it means a human is a human, nothing more and nothing less.  He or she is free to love whomever without risk or danger of being persecuted.  In this world, a person loves without fear; without the constant worry his or her family might disown him or her or that God will punish with an unstoppable wrath.

It is because of this vision, no matter how unreal it may seem, I try my hardest not to label any individual as gay nor lesbian.  These two words should not define a person. “Human” should be the end all and be all.  A person is “human.”  It stops as quickly as it began.

Should this ideology reach mainstream practices, humankind will be one step closer to living in complete harmony.  A harmony undisturbed by bigotry, hatred, and a zeal for uniform thinking.


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