This Is Where I Saw him. (Part 2)

He was walking in my direction. Probably listening to his headphones, I don’t quite remember. What I do remember is his face, staring head. I could only imagine what he was thinking: almost to class. I really gotta study.

As I maintained my naturally fast pace, I found it was almost impossible to look away. Something about him, I’m not sure what, attracts me to him. Perhaps it’s everything about him: small details that alone mean nothing, but together mean the world. The vibe he gives off, his attitude, his walk, the way he composes himself.

It’s comical at how a person I have spoken maybe three words to has made such an impact in my life. Even reaching the deepest levels of my subconscious that are only divulged in a drunken stupor or midsleep’s dream.

Moments pass as I wait for him to pass me; never to think of me. 3….2….1….gone. An infinity of waiting for a millisecond of delectation. It seems as though everything occurs in such a manner: an ineluctable reality.



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