This Is Me Asking For Your Opinion.

It is clear now, more than ever, why girls have girl friends and guys have guy friends.  I have always wondered this, contemplating as to why cinema and entertainment always portray the two as mutually exclusive.  Now, I know.

After spending my entire life with girl friends, I, a guy, have become somewhat acclimated as to how to think in the female psyche.  Whenever making decisions that affect my friends, I always think, “how will she understand this.”  Sometimes, it’s worked, other times it hasn’t.

It isn’t until I became best friends with my current friend (let’s called him Phillip for all intents and purposes) that I understood why guys have guy friends.  It all boils down to one reason:  it is so much easier.  My relationship with my best friend is one I would never give up.  We insult each other and are complete assholes with one another, but we do so because we ultimately love each other (in a non-romantic way.  As any two best friends love each other).  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the people I am lucky to call my friends, but the complexity females carry with them make it difficult to maintain a friendship.

Now it is important to state that I am not a misogynist.  I am also not a feminist.  I am a humanist.  (My explanation for this term is for another post).  So, it is wrong for me to say that all females are as complex as some of the people I call friends.  I am strictly speaking about my experiences.

Girls just require another level of care that I am tired of providing.  I do not like tiptoeing around people feelings.  If there is something that needs to be said, I want to say it.  I cannot do that with some of my friends because in the past, it hasn’t worked out well.  Not being able to express myself in terms of giving them my opinion on their actions is getting in way of how I view them.  It has made me annoyed and even upset.  I do not want to see them making decisions that hurt them in the long wrong.

With guys, I do not have that.  It is straightforward.  Take it or leave it.  No feelings to protect.  If he gets pissed, he gets pissed and we talk about it.  No games.

I suppose I am ranting now, as there is really no one else I can talk to about this.  So I am asking the world, “Is anyone else in this position.?  Does anyone else have girls as the majority of their friends and sometimes find it difficult to make yourself understood?”  I do not want to lose them as friends in the long run, but right now, it seems like a pretty good freaking idea.


One thought on “This Is Me Asking For Your Opinion.

  1. Yeah, guys are easier to deal with in my opinion too. I have friends of both genders, but generally I prefer dealing with guys for these reasons. Part of why I’m glad to be gay lol.


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