This Is Why I Am Not A Feminist

Now that I got your attention with the title, I believe it is time to explain myself.

In short, yes, women should not be set apart or paid less simply because of their sex.  However, I am not a feminist.  I am a humanist.

Many are familiar with the definition of feminism as the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.  However, I believe that the usage of the term feminism, is already deterring what it sets to achieve.  The word itself seems to give females a sense of power that surpasses that of men.  This is the exact reason why the word is seen as intimidating or aggressive.  Men feel emasculated by it, giving them an impetus to stop it in its tracks.  Sad, but true.  I know this because it is how I perceive the word.

The word itself is not the sole issue, the people that follow it are also to blame.  Hardcore believers of the feminist movement believe that men should have the ability to be househusbands and allow the woman to make the money.  Younger feminists, I feel, lack this concept.  It is to my belief that some female feminists would not hesitate to accept a lifestyle in which a handsome man is the sole provider of the family.  A lifestyle in which the the woman hosts parties and shops while the man stays home and works on his car.  This is the double standard that must me completely eradicated should feminism come to complete fruition.  The idea that househusbands are considered emasculated by their female counterparts needs to be removed from mainstream society.

I propose that the word humanist take the place of feminist.  ‘Humanism’ removes gender all together and leaves only one factor: human.  We are all human and should have economic, political, and social equality.  However, this is not a perfect world and this does not exist.

It is to my belief that feminism will progress complete equality only so much before it comes to a screeching halt.


One thought on “This Is Why I Am Not A Feminist

  1. This is a touchy subject lol. I believe such movements are important to have when there is such an imbalance of power, but unfortunately, not all activists are genuinely well intended. Everyone wants something to fight against, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are equality minded.


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