What’s Going On With The Duggars?

I decided to write this post, after almost a month hiatus from writing, because it is a topic that seems to have people separated into two extremes: love and hate.  I believe I have enough of an open mind to discuss this while taking into account both sides.

First, I should be fair and state that I have never liked the Duggars.  Yes, I admire their faith in God and how much will power they have, however, as a Catholic, I refuse to associate myself with homophobic individuals that go out of their way to stop people from living their lives.  (I explained my views of homosexuality on an earlier post.)  Also, I’m a person that is genuinely worried about the rate of overpopulation and it doesn’t seem like they Duggars are helping whatsoever.

First, I want to explain my views that side with the Duggars.  I am firm believer in making mistakes in the early parts of life.  It is how we learn.  Teenage years, as I think everyone knows, is arguably the most tumultuous time in a person’s life.  Yes, the oldest son molested his sisters and apparently another girl (I do not want to use to the term underage because if I read the article correctly, he was also underage so I think it cancels out)  and this should not be condoned whatsoever, especially because it is on the borderline of incest.  However, these are the years in which mistakes mold our behaviors and attitudes that are prominent once we become adults.  Now, some mistakes are worse than others and they may stay with an individual forever (for example, someone that starts raping people when they are 16 may continue to do so once they become a full fledged adult), but some mistakes teach us.  When Josh Duggar says he’s changed and has learned from his mistakes, I have to say that I believe him.  If I am correct, there has been no accusation against him in regards to sexual promiscuity or harassment in his adult life.  If that’s not proof of his changed way, I have no other choice but to believe him.

Now, to discuss the part of being that is against the Duggars.  First off, I find it shocking at how the parents did not seek any help until after the 3rd time Josh molested (whatever that means in this context) his sisters.  I am not a parent but I would like to think I would get help after the first time I become aware of something like this.  Now perhaps the Duggars asked God for help and they believed He would intervene.  But perhaps he intervened in a way they didn’t expect: by giving them the strength to ask for help.  I am glad that they finally received help before things got even worse.

I would also like to point out the fact that Josh Duggar was the Executive…Coordinator or whatever for the Family Research Council.  Emphasis on the family.  An organization that prides itself in stopping the establishment of legal same-sex “marriages” (I put marriage in quotations because I have my own thoughts and opinions about using this word for gay couples but that’s for another post).  At first glance, this may seem completely disconnected from the fact that he touched his sisters inappropriately, but when you think about it; he, himself, committed an immoral act, which he asked forgiveness for (and I’m sure he got it), but on top of that he is trying to stop red-blooded Americans from living their lives.  THAT right there is NOT ok.  If he had worked for an organization that seeks justice for victims of rape and molestation, it would be a much better way to spend his time.  The fact that he committed in immoral act disqualified him from judging and restricting others based on their actions and preferences.

Yes, God forgave him for his sins and I believe he is not accountable for them anymore, but here in the physical world, the sin still exists, at the very least in his and his sister’s memories.


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