Damn It.

Last night I had a wet dream.  Let me just get it out there.  I haven’t jerked off in a couple of days and I suppose my body isn’t used to it.  Is that weird?  Obsessive, perhaps.  Either way, the dream was pretty good.  Good enough to get me off.  I suppose half of it is that sexual tension I feel towards my friend’s roommate.

The attraction was purely physical, as the more he talks the less and less I want to go down on him.  I think it’s the expectation I have when I first meet people.  Is it weird to think of people as just organisms that have sex?  Because I think that’s the first thought in my head.  It is not until later that they become actual human beings and their personalities come into affect.  I suppose that’s how people find their mates, pure physical attraction followed by their personality.

Mind you, he’s completely straight and has a girlfriend, so these are just assumptions and fantasy’s that will never come to fruition.  Damn it.  He works from home and is on the phone all day and I fantasize about going down on him as he speaks to other people, trying not to let is show in his voice that he’s getting his dick sucked.  But alas, these are mere thoughts that will never become concrete.

The only thing that is concrete are these words that express my emotions.  It’s funny isn’t it?  How a thought, something that is the most private thing in the world, becomes a word ready to become the thoughts of everyone else.  I think it’s quite magical.  Don’t you?


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