Never Have I Ever…

  1. Been to Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia
  2. Traveled to the West Coast
  3. Skydived
  4. Surfed
  5. Kissed someone (romantically, obviously)
  6. Been physically intimate with another person
  7. Taken a spontaneous trip by myself
  8. Been able to financially support myself
  9. Been skinny (being skinny when I was a little kid doesn’t count)
  10. Loved

I thought of this list in just a couple minutes, which makes me wonder how many other things I haven’t done.  To all my followers, comment with the number of the item you have not done either.  I think it would be a fun experiment to see just how much all of us have in common.  If you have another thing you want to add, feel free to do so.


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