This is something that I have always found interesting, but I never got around to doing.  If you have been reading my posts, perhaps you have questions; perhaps not.

Either way, I am opening up the floor.  ASK ME ANYTHING.  For the next 24 hours (until 1:25pm EST on 7/31/15), I will answer any and all questions as honestly as I can.  Not sure if you can do so anonymously, but I hope that does not stop anybody.

So if you have any questions, shoot.


31 thoughts on “Shoot.

  1. Hello TMG,

    Since this will probably be my only question I will am glad it is such an important one.

    First off, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find proof for something and have the masses at large accept it as categorical proof. However, believe me when I tell you, yes; God is alive in me. He is the voice in my head that makes me feel guilt every time I sin. He is the voice in my head that speaks to me before giving into temptation. Like I have mentioned before, God does not appear in ostentatious methods. If he did, following Him would be easy and there wouldn’t be evil and nonbelievers in the world. If He wasn’t in me, I would be sinning indiscriminately and have no remorse. There are few people in which God is completely absent; and these people are the worst of humanity for the devil has full reign over them.

    To say He has spoken to me is an understatement. God has answered my prayers time and time again. I can’t even count how many times He has done so. One in particular is when my grandmother passed away. Through video chat, after only 4-5 days in hospice, I saw her sleeping, with a raspiness in her breathing I will never forget for as long as I live. Whether she herself felt the pain her body was in is unknown, but I immediately asked God to take her. Within two hours, she was gone. This is the moment I knew (100%, no questions asked) that God is real. It is unfathomable to me that my grandmother’s soul went anywhere but heaven. I simply couldn’t believe that my grandmother did not have a soul as some claim and that God did not take it. Call it coincidence that she died soon after I asked God, but I can’t believe it was mere happenstance.

    That same week, on a window in her bathroom, a cross formed by two of those vines that stick the wall and grow upwards appeared, almost overnight. A day or two after she died, it was gone. This message was meant more for me than anybody else. At the time, for about a year leading up to my grandmother’s passing, I had been questioning the existence of God and how certain religions practice their belief in Him. The presence of this cross was God telling me that He was there, even if only for my grandmother.

    A couple of months after her passing, about 5-6, I had a dream that took place in the bathroom of my current residence. I entered the bathroom and saw my grandmother standing, looking at herself in the mirror. I was happy to see her and she gave me hug. It was then that I knew (I think I was lucid dreaming to some extent) I only had time for one question. My question was, “Are you with God?” And to that she answered, “yes.”

    It’s amazing that as I wrote this answer, a weird feeling was constantly stirring inside me that is now gone. And because of that, I will finish here. I hope this has answered the question that you asked. Hopefully, it is not too long and helps you with whatever you were looking for. If you have anything else to ask, please do so at any time. I love questions.


  2. Thank you for the reply, COoMC.

    I must not have my notification settings set correctly because I never know when/if you reply to my comments. I will try and fix that.

    Since I’ve been granted extra questions… I would love to know some more about you. I know we have usernames for privacy, so I’m not asking for personal details. I would just like to put a “name to the face” or in this case a description to the blog.




      1. How old are you? Do you live in the states? What is your dream job? And what are your three favorite hobbies?


  3. Dang TMG, 0-100 real quick. LOL. Just kidding. I appreciate the curiosity as I would also like to get to know more about you as well.

    I am 22 currently living in Florida. My dream job is difficult to answer as I would like to be a variety of things. I guess I’ll give you the full list. First, I would love to be surgeon. Maybe an oncologist. Second, would be a screen writer. Third, a novelist. The way that words represent a story in somebody’s head is an amazingly complex idea that I still have difficulty understanding.

    My three favorite hobbies are writing, drawing, and watching movies. That was easier than I thought. Don’t know if watching movies counts but I love it.

    My questions to you would be: how old are you? What do you do for a living? Who is your favorite actress and actor?

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  4. I am 23. I have a few odd jobs at the moment while finishing my degree (Elementary Education). My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock (Maggie Smith is quite wonderful too) and my favorite actor… Hmm… Either Dennis Quaid or Jake Gyllenhaal!


  5. Do you have any siblings? Were you raised in church (if so, what denomination?)? Where do you see yourself in ten years? Best thing to do in the town/city you live in?


    1. I have one sister and a best friend I consider my brother (it’s a cop out and doesn’t count but still I love that guy). I wasn’t technically raised in a church but I am Roman Catholic. In my town, there’s a lot to do but I’m content with staying in with friendship drinking.

      Which denomination where you raised in? Do you play any sports?

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      1. There have been several clogging groups that have made it pretty big. All That!, Extreme Dance FX (EDFX: Now they are called The Blended Projekt), Fab Five, and Dynamic Edition. They were all on either ABDC on MTV or America’s Got Talent. I have competed against EDFX before!


      2. Your favorite song artist/band? Your favorite movie? If you were given 10k tomorrow… How would you use it?


      3. So the first two questions are something that I take VERY seriously. My favorite artist is probably Rihanna and this is my reason why: since Rated R, I could listen to any of her albums without skipping a track. So I figured this automatically makes her my favorite. For favorite move I would have to say Titanic, only because you twisted my arm. I have a top five, but Titanic probably takes the lead because whenever it’s on I cannot stop watching it. If I was given 10K tomorrow, I would invest it in hopes of paying for grad school.

        If you could meet anybody, dead or alive (has to be an actual person), who would it be? What is your favorite book? Truthfully, do you, at a bare minimum, believe in God?

        I know this last question has been hotly debated in the past couple days but I’m still curious as to whether you are struggling with your belief in Him or if you just don’t hear Him like you want to.


  6. Surgeon seems so different from the last two options! I’m not a science fan, so I couldn’t do it! I can’t say I have a large passion for writing, but I have always wanted to write a book… Maybe someday. And watching movies is definitely a hobby! 🙂


  7. If I could meet anyone it would be Ben Rector. His music is my absolute favorite. I was able to see him in concert for the first time in April, but I would love to be able to meet him. My favorite book… Hmmm… The Harry Potter series will always be my childhood favorite. I guess I would have to say my favorite book “series” is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. They’re very easy to read and have a little bit of everything in them (comedy, adventure, suspense, crime, romance, etc…).


    1. I think you just need to keep your eyes and ears open. People don’t generally just stop believing in God unless something traumatic occurs so, unless something did occur (not asking or probing or anything like that), I think God is closer than you think. He wouldn’t just leave you.

      Since I don’t see another question from you, I assume you either lost interest or forgot. It’s ok either way, I hope I did not ask too much about God, I just wanted some clarification.

      I suppose my last question for you is to ask how you met your boyfriend. I always wonder if meeting someone of the same sex is the same as meeting someone of the opposite sex. Maybe I am overstepping? I do not wish to so don’t feel pressured into answering. I would like to continue knowing more about you but it’s alright if the feeling isn’t mutual. It was fun!!!

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      1. Nothing traumatic happened. I’ve just never felt his presence in me or my life no matter how hard I try. So back in November I stopped searching.


      2. When I decided to start looking for a boyfriend… I was still in the closet. I didn’t want to go to bars because I don’t like drinking or that scene in general… So I downloaded a gay dating app. I had it for a whole three days (more like two and a half) and got rid of it. Before I deleted it however, I had given my phone number to my current boyfriend because he didn’t seem like the rest (wierd and sex crazed) and showed a lot of potential. We met up for our first date and we’ve been together ever since.


      3. Oh, that’s cool! I don’t think I’ve met anybody that has actually met someone on a dating app and still be with that person months later. Good for you. I wish I could be more like you but I think it’s best for me to wait until I am on my own feet and can afford to live by myself.


      4. Btw, you and I are very much alike because I myself have not told anybody besides my best friend (a girl, not the previously mentioned best friend) and I am seriously considered going out and meeting people.


  8. How is OK Cupid working? Your perfect man would be __________ (at least three characteristics). Do you want children? Your favorite foods include ___________ (again… at least three).


    1. The OK Cupid is not working out too well. I find myself attracted only to a specific type of person and they are usually way out of my league. Other than that, I have not seen anybody that I picture myself with. I have a very specific idea of how I want my partner to look like so that’s holding me back tremendously.

      My perfect man would be loyal, honest, and funny. Barring physical characteristics, these are the most important personality characteristics I would want.

      I want one child, a boy. I already have the name picked out. Yes, I’ve thought a lot about it as you can probably tell.

      My 3 favorite foods are pasta, steak, burgers. That was too easy, TMG! Ask me something more difficult, lol!

      My questions are: if you had one wish, what would it be (you cannot wish for more wishes)? If you could turn back time to fix something, would you or are you ok with letting bygones be bygones, regardless of how bad they are? Were you raised in Missouri?

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      1. I want two to three children, and I already have a list of names picked out as well! Those are definitely good characteristics to have in a companion. My favorite three foods in no specific order are bacon cheeseburgers, chicken parmesan, and general tso’s chicken. If I had one wish, I would wish to be a father. I wouldn’t turn back time. I was raised in Oklahoma.


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