I really need somebody.

This morning I woke up.  It was seemingly unchanged from any other Sunday, but today is the last Sunday before the last year of my undergraduate career.  Tomorrow, I embark on my super senior year.

In addition, this week I finally took a GRE!  My unofficial score was a 150 on Quantitative and 155 on Verbal; reasonable scores for my first time taking it, but I have to wait for the official scores to come out (percentiles are the most important).  This entire summer, I have only had three days to relax without worrying or studying for a class or upcoming exam.  So because of that I am doing, and have been doing, absolutely nothing!  Watching QVC, making food for the week, and posting something new is only a sample of my list of relaxation activities.

It sucks that I have to do it by myself.  I don’t have someone to cuddle with or to share popcorn with while we watch TV.  As I was cooking, I was imagining someone being there with me, cutting the sweet potatoes while I prepared the salmon.  I envy those that have found someone to share their life with.  Perhaps this is how it was meant to be?  Perhaps, not.

Either way, one thing is for sure:  this morning I woke up, without the smell of my partner’s skin.  Without the embrace of someone as he wakes up.  I woke up alone, ready to start my day, cook for myself, and start only one person’s laundry.


5 thoughts on “I really need somebody.

  1. Everyone of us hoping for a relationship has been there at some point… It isn’t fun, but you will find someone! Keep your head up! Also… I’m glad you’re getting to relax a little bit after all the studying! Good luck with your last year of undergrad!


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