Music to my ears.

Because I consider my readers an extended family of sorts (here’s looking at you TMG and TheDirtyThirty), I would very much like to give you guys an insight to my likes and dislikes on a deeper level.  With that said, I want to initiate a conversation with all of you, my followers, about books, movies, and music.  I shall now begin.

If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that music is my life.  I do not know how to read or compose it, but there is nothing like laying in bed for hours just listening to music.  It’s a practice considered unorthodox in today’s culture: just listening.  It is an escape from the world.  It gives me chills down my spine and makes me feel sadness in the midst of chaos and excitement.

As I sit here writing, atop white board tables at work, Ryn Weaver is crooning softly, but defiantly in my ears.  Since, in my opinion,  the radio is essentially an antique rendered useless, it is unknown to me if she has yet to reach mainstream popularity.  This album, to my understanding, is about relationships she has had in the past and their stories.  “Pierre” can attest to this idea.

The album, co-produced by Passion Pit, contains trace elements reminiscent of the indi-pop/alt-dance group: an attractive feature most obvious in the last minute of “The Fool,” the album’s titular song.

“Promises” and “Free” are also amazing songs that deserve a listen.  Of course, her most famous song is “OctaHate,” praised by many mainstream artists.

I think one of the reasons why I like her so much is due to the juxtaposition of intermittent dance beats and soft, elongated notes and vocals.  Yes, I am very particular when it comes to music if you haven’t figured already.

So……yeah, that’s my spiel.  Which artist and/or song have you been listening to lately?


3 thoughts on “Music to my ears.

  1. Thanks for the tag! Ben Rector’s new album has been playing around my apartment since it came out this past Friday! It isn’t my favorite album of his… But his voice is always wonderful! I will be sure to give Ryn a listen tomorrow!


  2. Wow, have I been gone this long?? So I guess this is where I left off on your blog. Time to start reading up 🙂

    Right now, I like this older song Feed Me Diamonds and this song, Girls Your Age. Both of those are stuck in my head as I type this 🙂


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