My Week: 1

So, I know I said Tuesdays would post days, but I’ve felt a wanting to communicate with you guys since yesterday.  Plus, it’s Monday night; close enough, right?  The following consists of discoveries I’ve made and events that have transpired within the past week.

Two days ago, I discovered the practice of sleeping naked.  Yes, after 22 years of life,  I have just discovered it is ok, no, amazing to sleep in the nude.  I am self conscious about my body, so much so that I won’t have “private time” without my boxers and a shirt on, unless I’m really into it.  Is that weird?  Probably.  I mean no one is watching or anything. So to say that I am sleeping naked is actually a very big step.  It’s such a novel feeling: the touch of pillows on my bare cheeks and intermittent hard-ons rubbing against my body pillow.  Damn, that feels good.  In fact, I’m naked in bed right now, posting right engaging in deep slumber.

This new discovery has led to the development of my yearning for a companion.  I want someone to grab my ass out of nowhere and press himself against me while I sleep.  I want to feel my lover’s dick, waking me up in the middle of the night.  This is vulgar, but it’s coming from an honest place.  Regardless, I apologize for offending anybody.

I really want somebody.  More than you know.  I want to meet somebody that will take care of me and vice versa.  Today, it may have occurred.

Rather than keeping you in suspense, I have decided to tell the story.  I was going to sooner, minutes after it occurred, but homework got in the way.

I was at work when I decided to ask a coworker about a statistics problem.  After stating she didn’t know, a guy sitting not too far said, “I know what that is.”  I looked and he was sitting, almost waiting for me.  I was actually excited because I really wanted to know how to solve the problem.  After walking over, he started to explain using choppy statistics jargon: he hadn’t taken the class in a couple of months so his knowledge was rusty.

He seemed very perceptive to helping me out, before stating he needed help with a cover letter.  I subsequently told him what a cover letter was and lo and behold, he was applying for a position at my job.  It was then that I explained who I was and what I did.  We got to talking and he explained he was taking Organic Chemistry I and was sure he was going to need help.  I told him tutoring was offered for that class where I worked when he said, “oh, but I won’t get you?”  Damn.

I told him no, but if he needed help, he was more than welcome to attend my sessions and I would help him to the best of my ability.  I gave him the office schedule and marked my name so he wouldn’t forget.  His name was “Giovanni”.

In general, he seemed like a nice guy, although he did interrupt me a couple of times while I was trying to explain different things. He was tall, white, bespectacled, I think.  Sort of nerdy with an attractiveness I can’t discern.   However, I’ve never spoken to someone I have just met like how I did: explaining how I ran my sessions, tell him about the work environment and who tutored what.  It was different.

Perhaps he was just a nice kid.  I wish I was better at remembering faces.  For some reason I’m excellent at memorizing but names escape me and faces are difficult to picture.  But perhaps it was a little more?  Maybe I’m filled with inflated delusions that are clouding my sense of judgement.  Either way, I think I’ll be seeing him around.  I hope so at least; when I shook his hand for the second time, before going about my business, I realized I had to cross the room quickly and sit down because I was getting a hard on.  That’s the first time I’ve been aroused from a simple handshake.  It must mean something……right?


2 thoughts on “My Week: 1

  1. I never slept naked until I met my boyfriend… Now I’m naked every night in bed and from the waist down anytime we’re just hanging around the house my t-shirts usually cover my front and all but the very bottom of my cheeks! It is wonderful indeed!

    Can’t wait to hear more details about the guy! A hand shake hard on… There must have been chemistry!


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