My Week: 2

Happy Post-Labor Day to all!  I hope everyone had a fun, but safe, weekend.

For those that don’t know, I enjoy getting “turnt” every once in while, but it didn’t happen this weekend.  I did go out to dinner with a friend and her roommate, but the night was uneventful.  So much so that I sort of wish it never occurred.

For those wondering about one of my posts, “Will I know?”, no, I did not have any intimate relations with anybody.  The poem (for lack of a better term) is about something I have never experienced and what I imagine it would feel like.  I wanted to write something on Saturday night and that’s what popped out.  There wasn’t much thought to it.

Not sure if you guys are “aware”, but apparently, the world is supposed to end on the 23 of this month (As I proofread this post, I realize a there exists a drastic change in tone and subject matter, but whatever).  Or at least the antichrist is supposed to make himself known. The only reason why this is consistently in my thoughts is because it is based on the Bible rather than ancient civilizations.  My education regarding the Bible isn’t extensive, but I have done some research within the past couple weeks.  Not sure if I believe it because no one is supposed to know when the world is going to take it’s final breath; making any attempt to guess or speculate sort of blasphemous, no?  Either way, what I take away from my readings is that if I know Jesus is my savior, I will be fine.  (And, yes, I do.)

On a lighter note, my classes are starting to make sense.  Since I am finishing my statistics minor this semester, I am taking three upper level stats courses.  Needless to say, it is quite a task.  However, the semester started with the thought that it was either going to be very difficult or not difficult at all.  I forgot that statistics isn’t hard for me to understand (it is tricky at times), but in general, it doesn’t take me too long to study.  It’s paradoxical, I guess, because I do study and understand, but at the same time I do not feel like I studied enough time.  Quality beats quantity, right?

Sitting here writing, I get envious of those with significant others because I have nothing to write about when approaching the subject.  Never has anybody displayed a genuine interest in me.  I wonder when the time will come that I am able to write about love and all it’s complications.  This isn’t to say that sadness is ever-present, for I am still fulfilling a promise I made to God years ago.  However, when I made the promise, I was naive and unaware of a human’s need be social and to be with somebody.  So, at what point do my organic and social needs start to overcome my promise?  Never?  That kinda sucks.


One thought on “My Week: 2

  1. You shouldn’t be envious of other people with significant others because look what happened to me! You are far better off. Plus, envy is a cardinal sin since you are into religion 😉 The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But you will find your mate when the time comes!


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