Kim Davis Released

This started out as a reply to a previous post on my blog, but I decided to let it have it’s respective space on the inter-web.

I just saw the video in which Kim Davis was released and was paraded around with Mike Huckabee at her side.  Let me just say that I lost any respect I had for her. If she was the Bible loving and faithful Christian (or whatever denomination she is) she claims to be, she should know a Bible passage I like to adhere to as best I can, “…do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Although it is directed towards giving to the needy, I like to apply it to any good work.

She could have foregone the stage, press, and just have gone home and prayed; thanking the Lord in the comfort of your home was probably best.  Is it safe to say that she was received her reward on earth rather than in heaven?

Maybe I sound like an idiot, perhaps not.  Either way, as someone who aligns with Republican ideals, I am disappointed that politicians and elected officials continue to blur the line between Church and State.  If you can’t do your job correctly and to its fullest extent, RESIGN!

P.S. I am glad she was finally released as this situation reached epic and unnecessary proportions.


3 thoughts on “Kim Davis Released

  1. She can feel good, the licenses got provided anyway, and if she interferes again, she’ll be in jail again. Problem solved!

    I’m with you on the wrongness of taking taxpayer money for refusing to do a job you took a solemn oath to do. If you have any kind of problem with doing the job, the moral option is to quit, and most of us have actually faced that kind of choice when a boss or business asked us to do something objectionable.


      1. That might certainly happen. I remember that’s the way it played out in much of the south during desegregation (I’m that old). Change sometimes comes in fits and starts. What some see as conviction, others perceive as stubbornness.


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