How to?

I’m about to start watching Modern Family on my DVR when a thought popped into my head.

“How can I finally meet someone?”  

It’s something that’s been boggling around in my head for the past couple of months.  I suppose I may have blogged about it.  But for real this time.

How did ya’ll meet your significant other?

Being a gay male, I have had reservations about meeting someone due to my religious beliefs.  But at the same time, my belief says it is not healthy for someone to be alone.  I think I need to meet someone to help me with my life.  To help me with my addictions.  To give me support and confidence.  To give me another life to live.


6 thoughts on “How to?

  1. Have you heard of the website called Meetup? It has different groups that plan different “meetups” in your area. Its not a hook up site either.
    I think its good to meet people with similar interests. It doesn’t even have to be romantic. Its just good to talk to people who understand.


  2. College. Complete strangers that shared glances for about two years. I’m kinda old fashion. I like to be engaged in real life, and I, personally, find the online approach really empty. Also, a much larger percent of my in-person encounters are WAY more lasting than anything I’ve ever met on an app. Hang with friends, get involved with groups, explore your social circles. It’s a much larger and gayer world now than it was even five years ago. If you don’t encounter gay people, some straight person you know probably knows some single gay folks complaining about being single.

    You can, however, practice anti-loneliness without being in a relationship. All of my friendships were and still ARE practice for my relationship. Cultivating those relationships help me be a much better lover and friend, so while you wait for ‘the one’ to show up, be grateful and care for the ones that are already present.


    1. I have two words for you: thank you. This is advice I have never heard of, let alone thought about. It has never occurred to me that every friendship is ultimately a form of training for when the right person is finally placed in front of you. I do believe this will change how I view my friendships. And for that, thank you.

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