Exciting News!!!!

First things first, some housekeeping.

Nothing too special occurred since my last post.  Tonight I have a housewarming party which I have yet to decide if I will attend.  A friend of mine moved out and leased a house with some roommates, prompting her to host a little shing-ding.  The reason why I am on the fence is because I don’t really like her friends too much and I can’t find a date to go with me. (If there is anyone willing to go with me, PLEASE let me know, haha!).  The biggest thing is that I don’t want to be the person that no one knows and is sitting in a corner all by himself.

This is apart from the fact that I have 2 major exams next week and I really need to study for them.

On a different note, there’s this guy in two of my courses and we’ve been exchanging words for the semester (jokes and stuff, nothing too serious).  We sit close to each other in one class but not in the other, so there’s always opportunity to talk.  Within the past couple of days I felt we got a little closer, for lack of a better term, and I must be right because he asked to work on an assignment together.  If it isn’t obvious I was very excited.  He’s a…..sophisticated looking person, I would say; usually wearing a polo shirt with shorts and Sperry’s or leather loafers.  (In all honesty, the loafers are pretty bad, but it just means there’s room for improvement. ; )

He doesn’t have the best legs, but I’m willing to settle.  I mean, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  Right?

This doesn’t mean I’m going to try coming on to him today or anything, but I’m looking forward to look at his bespectacled face for an hour.

Now to the core of this post:  I’M GOING TO SPAIN!!!

For some reason, I’ve had this yearning to visit Spain.  I have family over there and we barely get to see each other.  The matriarch of that family is my grandma’s niece.  Out of her and her siblings, she’s the only one my immediate family speaks to regularly.  She moved to Spain, by herself, when she was 14 and I think that’s why she is super freaking awesome: she raised herself.  Dealing with the most tumultuous time of your life and support yourself through it will undoubtedly make you a strong person.  This is what I most admire about her, but I digress.

I will be spending both Christmas and New Year’s there as I leave 2 days after exams end and return 2 days before it starts.  Almost an entire month of adventure and exploration.

The idea of traveling by myself is so thrilling because I have never done it.  I’ve only visited my home country in South America and went to Canada last year.  That’s about it.  So although it is about two months away, I hope you all stay tuned for stories about crazy adventures.

Who knows, perhaps I might even meet the one!


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