Fake ass…

If it’s one thing I hate more than disloyalty, it’s being fake.

I’m not talking about being a person that talks shit about others behind their backs, no.  (Something people have to realize is everyone talks shit.  But, talk shit, get hit, haha).

The kind of fake I hate is when a person is temporary.  By this I mean when a person is friends with you and hangs out with you, but when they graduate or something of the like, boom, you never hear from them again.

These “temporary” people are the worst.  Because they are the ones that hurt you the most.  Seeing them hang out with other people you know sucks.  But then again, it’s beneficial you don’t see them again.  Want to know why?

Because to them, friendship is one sided.  All the effort has to come from you.  You  have to be the one that texts them to hang out.  You are the one that always has to initiate the conversation.  I’m sorry, but I’m not about that life.

I prefer having 1 or 2 amazing friends that you would die for then having 8 friends that only talk to you if you travel alone to the eight moon of Jupiter.  Nope.  Sorry.  Next in line.  See you never, Felicia.

P.S. Does Jupiter have 8 moons?  I don’t even….whatever.

…..also, if you have a friend that you really like but they only seem to talk if you approach them, I challenge you to stop.  Stop sending that first text and stop being the only one making plans.  At first, it sucks because you have one less person to hang out with.  With time, however, you gain a feeling of self worth knowing that you deserve someone to put in as much effort as you are willing to.


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