Hello…..It’s me….

First and foremost, thank you to all the veterans out there.  It would be impossible to live with the freedom we have without you protecting it.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, perhaps two or two and half weeks.  And what a two and half weeks it’s been.  Crazy amount of exams and assignments, finally reaching their resolution on Friday.  After Friday, the calm before the storm begins.  Finals are only a month away.

The only mildly exciting thing to have happened with my love life is “meeting” somebody.  I suppose “meeting” is the incorrect word.  Noticed…..yeah, noticed.  This week, on Monday to be specific, I noticed this guy in my lecture hall.  It took a lot of willpower not to keep looking in that direction.  He’s thin, but not too thin, bespectacled with medium length hair that had been gelled up.  He was wearing a blue polo with boats shoes.  He knew how to dress.  Damn, he was cute.  He looked smart, too.

But what was his name?

I decided I needed to find out.  I looked at the class roster: 198 students.  Damn.  However, I remembered it was a psychology course so the number of guys taking it was limited.  (I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but I mean, it was true.)  My mission to “Facebook” all the guys was about to begin.  (Is this weird, guys?  I know it’s kinda stalkery, but an ok amount of it, right?)

Name 1, nothing.

Name 2, nothing.

Name 3, nothing.

On and on, I typed.  A couple of names down (there are a A LOT of girls in the class), I reached my own name.  Immediately after mine, was another guy.  No fucking way.



Yep, there he was.

In respect to his privacy, let’s call him….Bryan.  Bryan is a good kid.  He’s a Christian, a leader at some camp somewhere.  Perfect.  I need someone with and equal amount of religious belief as I do or even more so.  Well, not belief, but involvement.  He is friends with some older people, not surprising as I know Christians are very close with those in their congregation.

From what I can tell, Bryan is also straight.  It’s a bit of an assumption as there was a girl that appeared with him in multiple pictures, graduation and the like.  So it could also could be a best friend.  (Again, is this weird?  I mean, everyone does some research on others at some point, right?)

This Friday, I’m going to attempt sitting next to him for the exam.  Would that be ok?  I’ve never seen him before in class and I always sit in the same seat.  He knows I’m in the lecture now because we walked to the same building after the class was over.  So he knows just as much about me as I do about him.

I’m going to do it.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t but from what I can tell, he is perfect.  Absolutely perfect for me.



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