After a not-so-long day at school, I decided to take advantage of this Friday and lay in bed……naked. 

I’m catching up on my shows with a glass of wine on my nightstand and my body pillow on top of me.  

Oh, how I wish this pillow was somebody to hold.  Somebody to hold on to me.  Laying with me and just watching tv. Nothing but silence between us.  Our skin touching each other and our warmth serving as supplementary forces between us.

As soon as we get hungry, we would probably order something. Chinese, maybe?  Eat it in bed and continue to lay. 

Deep, passionate kisses scattered throughout our afternoon. Just long enough to remind each other how much we love the other. This is what I want.  This is what I need.  
Is anybody out there? 


6 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. You’ll find that person one day. And when you do it’s absolutely wonderful. Currently have that now, and it’s definitely what I look forward to every weekend.


      1. There’s always the option of doing the online dating thing (how I met my bf) it might seem a little sketchy haha but honestly not so bad. Perfect for really shy people like me 😛


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