When Do the Demons Lay to Rest?

It’s something you can’t escape

Wine spilled

cookies scattered on the floor

The constant cry of saddened demons

soak your brain even more.


Pure skin on the sheets

Sun escapes your room

I wake and feel it all

It’s far too lonely in here

Power Hour begins once again.


The Devil takes a seat, starts staring at me

Wrapping up his hands, awaiting the upcoming show

Purple nectar of the gods

Uncork and flow


With screaming flesh yearning for more

he raps slightly at soul’s door

Demons are his guest, trying to break in

I fold my hands, but still too weak

I let him in, ecstasy ensues.


I cry out, looking to be saved

Always falling short of my best

I’m left alone wondering when

these demons will be laid to rest.



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