Busy in Barcelona

The first day in Barcelona started off with a bang.  My aunt and I arrived at the apartment we had rented and it offered an uninterrupted view of the Sagrada Familia; absolutely breathtaking.  However, we had tickets for the next day.

This day was reserved for the Park Güell.  For those of you who don’t know, the entire city is basically an homage to Gaudí, an architect who’s work is near impossible to confuse with anybody else’s.

The Park was commissioned by an Englishman who wished to develop a gated community.  However, with a lack of buyers, only two houses were built and the project was abandoned leaving what remains now: beautiful columns, sculptures, and a terrace in which Barcelona can be seen.

After the park, we walked and walked until we got on a metro to visit La Rambla: a boulevard adorned with lights, restaurants, and standalone shops in which people sell their crafts and souvenirs.  One street away is El Mercado de la Boqueria.  As a location specifically made for selling, you find empanadas, ice creams, fruits, raw meats, fish.  It’s interesting to see because in the states, at least where I live, this is nonexistent.

We walked down the boulevard, about a mile, and reached the port where mega-yachts were docked.  Monuments and sculptures were also seen all throughout.  It was fairly easy to find where  you were because of the landmarks Barcelona hosts: just look for one and spot it on the map, boom.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel to get enough rest for the next day.


To be continued…..


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