Busy in Barcelona (Part 2)

In lieu of boring you with every detail about my sojourn to Barcelona, I will  end it with this post.  (Also, I’m very behind on my writing so this way I can be more up to date).

The second day of Barcelona was even more special than the first.  Our first stop was the Sagrada Familia.  As mentioned before, the city of Barcelona pays much respect to Gaudí, and this cathedral was no exception.  (Sorry guys, I tried uploading a picture but an error kept occurring.  I suggest looking it up on Google, though.)

Gaudí, who was run over as he stepped back to view his masterpiece, did not overlook any detail whatsoever.  If you ever have the chance of visiting Barcelona, this is obviously a must.  (Get the audio guide, TOTALLY worth the extra 4 euros or so.)

The rest of the day, and trip, was spent traveling around in the double decker bus and eating at multiple cafeterias and restaurants.  If there’s one thing you can’t do in Spain, it’s starting a diet;  all they do is eat here.

After the three days spent in Barcelona, which was plenty of time to see the majority of the city, it was time to head back to Madrid for there was a lot more to see.



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