Today I saw these two guys with with their arms wrapped around each other as they were walking to their car and I ddn’t think absolutely anything of it. Not even, “oh that’s normal.”   They were just two people that love each other and that’s all and I’m so happy that I’m one of those people because if not I would be filled with hate and that’s never healthy for anybody. 

I’m not saying I wasn’t like that, but I used to think, “wow, they are so brave. Good for them.” Now it’s just, “oh ok, can you move a little faster so I can pass, please?”   And THAT is an amazing thing to realize.   


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      1. Agreed. For the most part. Sometimes I feel like some members of the community are angry but it’s probably just the way they decided to deal with the pain of not fitting in. Always try to make something positive out of something negative or it may turn you bitter.


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