YikYak Conversations

For those that don’t know, I “met” someone through yikyak this past week.  After some conversation on the anonymous social media platform, I decided to send him a kik after he gave me his username: something I was sort of reluctant/scared to do because I have a bad experience with the application.  But all that’s in my past now.

He didn’t want to give me his major on YikYak but I was very curious as to what it was since he mentioned it was “entertaining.”  It led me to believe it was theatre or music.  Music would been awesome as I want to start learning about the art.

Lo and behold, music it was.  Singing to be specific.  This was a sort of disappointment because I would have loved to have someone teach me an instrument but then I started thinking, “this is actually something we have in common.”  I love to sing.  I don’t do it particularly well, but there are times my throat hurts because I’ve been crooning the entire day long.

He didn’t ask much about me, or anything for that matter.  It was a very one sided conversation, leading me to believe he wasn’t interested anymore or was looking for something else.

Since we don’t know each other, I thought, “let me invite him for a cup of coffee.”  From what I’ve heard/read, a coffee date is perfect when meeting someone new because it’s so lax it could easily be ended without seeming too curt.  So I did for the next day, but he said he was packed due to his friends birthday.  I wasn’t sure I was buying that excuse, but he continued to state that Monday would be a better day for him.  So I agreed.

After mentioning he just wanted to be friends and me supporting that view, I told him I would message him this weekend to confirm our “coffee date”.  In an effort not to seem desperate, because I’m really not, I will message him today and confirm.

My expectations: he will either not respond or will say something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m really sorry but I don’t think I can make it tomorrow.  Perhaps some other time?”  He will then never schedule anything and this will be my first attempt and first failure into meeting someone new.

Wish me luck.

P.S. Hopefully he’s not some psycho murderer.  Which is why I am only meeting him on campus in a public setting.  I know my rules, guys.


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