Is it ok to have ex-friends?

Is it normal?  Do people use this term?  Ex-friend?

When someone becomes someone you used to know, is that the best term you could use?

The other day I was telling a story and I almost said friend, but then I quickly said ex-friend.  The people I was telling the story to stopped me in and started laughing making a comment along the lines of, “I’m not even gonna ask what happened there.”  I never quite realized I’ve never heard anyone call someone an ex-friend.

For those that have been keeping up with my writing, I’m talking about my best friend who is no longer my best friend.  I last spoke to her December 12th, I think.  Four months, is it?

I think I wrote about it before but the moment she stopped being my friend is the moment she decided not to call me on my birthday, or even send a text.  I know people get busy and that these things are easily forgotten, but her birthday is the day after mine.  There is no way she forgot mine.  She did it out of spite.  And THAT is something worth getting mad over.  But, I digress.

The purpose of this is to ask you, my readers, these two questions:  do you have someone you used to know and what label have you given them?


5 thoughts on “Is it ok to have ex-friends?

  1. I usually just call them “Someone I used to know.”
    I have 2 friends that come to mind. Sometimes I miss them. Sometimes we reach out to each other. Sometimes we try to get together and talk; when we do there is a disconnect. What was there before is just not there anymore.


  2. I was talking about someone who was a friend of mine today, actually. It was weird because I saw her in a grocery store a month ago, and although we aren’t friends, we could still greet each other amiably, and something in me was thrilled to see that she still looked so good!

    The English language lacks a lot of words, but there’s something beautiful about people who were in our past, that we don’t connect with anymore, but still want to see do well. Whatever word that would be, go be that. No sense in holding onto anything.


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