Oops – Part 1

This weekend,I visited my best friend and his girlfriend.  They live 4 hours away so this is four hours of me being alone with my thoughts: never a good combination.

When I got there Friday, they told me we were going to a coworker’s birthday party, something I was hesitant to attend but I went regardless.  We got there and the crowd was completely different than our own group of friends.  Everyone was a bit older and was into the rock/heavy metal scene.  There was one girl who had multi-colored hair and had an Iron Maiden-type shirt on.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time, but it was interesting to see how different other groups of friends are.

After dinner, everyone went to a midnight screening of some movie (I forget what it’s called) but my friend and I were too tired to continue.  Sleep ensued.

The morning after we ran some errands and attended the flea market which is a ritual for my friend as he spends the entire weekend selling and buying antiques.  Later that day, craziness ensued.


Every year, my friend’s swim team hosts a beer pong tournament that ends up being a conflagration of drunkenness and weed.  Again, I wasn’t too excited to attend as I figured it was going to be rainy and muddy, but the weather held up pretty nicely.

We arrived later than everyone else as we didn’t plan on actually playing in the tournament so needless to say, everyone was already drunk.  That only meant we needed to catch up.

Inside of the host’s house, we found a couple of Solo cups that we had to rinse out because we assumed they weren’t clean (again, we are dealing with college students here).

One beer.

Two beers.

Three beers.

Four beers.

I lost count….

I met a couple of people, one in particular, Cooper, was extremely nice and super receptive to my invention to join our little social group.  He was pretty attractive, but then again so were a lot of the other shirtless, fit men walking around and pounding their chests after they had won their round.

After  about three hours of heavy drinking (and I mean heavy) things got blurry and thoughts began creeping their way out from their safekeeping in the darkest corners of my mind to the bright of day.

We found our way home (there was a DD, guys) and while I was sitting on the couch trying to rein in my thoughts, Dustin, left for a quick moment.  His girlfriend, Krista, was in the kitchen as I walked in and word vomit came out, “you know I’m not like Dustin, right?”


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