Another Chapter Closes

This Tuesday it my last day of EMT school.  I remember the first day we started and everything in the middle is somewhat of a blur.  Unsurprisingly as classes are 5 hours long.

I have been studying for final, although not as hard I usually do as the class really isn’t too difficult.  Within 46 chapter quizzes, I found time to watch about 3 movies on HBO this weekend: The Last Mimsy, Confirmation, and season 5 of Veep.

Kerry Washington received an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Anita Hill which prompted me to watch the film.  Yeah, she definitely deserved it.

Tuesday night I am going out with a couple of friends after the final to celebrate graduating EMT school and on Wednesday I will be going downtown for wine night.

Following that I will be taking a trip to visit my best friend who invited me on his business trip to Atlanta.  When he first asked me, my automatic response was, “I can’t.  I have to study.”  But I caught myself.  For the first time in 23 years, I don’t have to worry about school or completing an assignment.  I’ve also never had a friend invite me like this on a trip.  It’s so…spur of the moment.  I feel like an adult for the first fucking time in my life.

I really need this.  Tuesday needs to come and go as quickly as the last 3 months have.  My brain needs to take a break…one that lasts more than just a weekend.

I am ready to close this chapter of my life.



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