Bro Time (Day 1)

So the past couple of weeks have been a little bit of a whirlwind.  I graduated EMT school, got certified, and am in the middle of about 20-30 job applications.  On top of that, I went on a couple of road trips and went of vacation with my family.

On top of that, I decided to join a couple of dating apps.  Well, all of the dating apps.  Scruff, DaddyHunt, Tinder, Surge, and Bro, among other lesser known ones.  This story originated on Bro, an app that still perplexes me to this day.  I’m not sure if it’s for dating or just finding bros to chill with, but whatever.

The weird thing about dating apps is that once you match, no one talks to you.  You message them or poke them or fist bump them, whatever the action is for that particular app, and no one replies.  Until someone did.

He was an older gentleman, 53 years old.  His profile picture wasn’t anything sexy or explicit; just him sitting down taking a selfie.  He had that typical american daddy look to him.  I was in love.

So I “fist bumped” him.

And he replied, “Hi.  I received your fist bump.  What’s up?”

Wait, what?  Someone actually likes me?

We introduced ourselves.  He mentioned that he was a father and divorcee from many years ago.  He was honest enough to mention that he spoken to two other guys on the app but they did a complete 180 and started to ignore him.  I told him I’m not really that kind of person.  We are on a dating/social app for a reason.

I got the vibe that he wasn’t a psycho or anything so I told him that I was a virgin and haven’t even been kissed before.  He said that was ok as he had his own baggage as he explained.  Right off the bat he asked if the age difference was going to be problem.  I assured him that it wasn’t.   This conversation was really new and I had no idea where it was going but that I liked older men as much, if not more, than I like people my own age.


We started chatting at around 2:30 pm.  Before I realized it, it was midnight.  We were still chatting.   There was not one moment of awkward silence.  We conversed about what we did and what our interests were.  The both of us agreed that we were going to be 100% honest.  I’ve never experienced anything like this, let alone someone who accepted me for everything I brought to the table.

(I’m gonna warn any sensitive readers that it’s going to get a little NSFW)


It was 1 in the morning and he messages, “I’m not gonna lie, I need to jerk off before going to bed.  I haven’t sex in years and it’s the only way I get off.”

I was rock solid.

Since neither one of us had ever been with a man, he asked me what I would and wouldn’t do.  I replied by telling him my dislikes, or what I imagine are my dislikes.  I decided to mention what he expected of me down there.  He said, “Let’s just get this out of the way.  I am really hung.  I have a 7inch girth that some women find uncomfortable.  Do I expect you to have the same?  No.”

This only made me hard. Fuck.

Then I asked, “Ask me what I do like.”

He obliged.

“What I’d like is to go down on you.  Have you lay down and relax while I do all the work.”

He told me he was hard and started to jerk off.  His messages came through noticeable slower as he was typing with only one hand.  There was so much sexual tension even though we were both diffusing it.

I asked him if he likes to use spit when he rubs one out and he said yes.  He loved it.  I told him I wished I was there to help him out.  Well, not so much help as do everything for him.  He wouldn’t have to move a muscle.  A couple of seconds passed before he asked if I wanted to see his hard on.  I answered I would be fine with it if he was.

And there it was.

I couldn’t control myself.

He stopped messaging.  I asked him if was there.

“Yeah, just cleaning up. ;)”

After I had finished we decided it was time to go to bed. It was after 2 at this point.  And, honestly, I was exhausted from being up to late.

I asked him if he was going to be one of those people that I never hear from again, but he said he would message me as soon as he woke up the next morning.

Well, I suppose only time will tell!


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