Bro Time (Day 2)

So this is Day 2 of my first online relationship.  There’s a hesitation calling it an online relationship but it’s the first time someone I was interested in knew everything about me; how inexperienced I am, what I do and do not like.  It was refreshing to be so honest.  If you haven’t read Day 1, you can read it here.


Before I had even woken up, he sent me a message, “You see, I told you I wouldn’t leave!” It was nice to know that he actually kept his work, no matter how small the action was.  It means more in a way.  It means that he actually cared enough to follow through.

It was then that I told him I regretted what happened last night.  I mentioned that we had been talking for hours and we were so honest with each other that it seemed ok at the time.  But a lot of things seem ok when you’re horny, don’t they?  You think irrationally and your id kicks in.  That primal portion of your brain that focuses only on satisfying your needs stifles your subconscious.

To my surprise, he said he felt the same way and was happy that I was the first one to mention something.  He had always mentioned that I seemed more mature than your average horny 23 year old guy.  And he liked it.  Upon mutual agreement, we decided not to do it again until we knew each better.

We continued to speak about our plans for the day.  He mentioned that his daughter’s dog wasn’t doing so well the day before but he was going to relax by the pool for the day.  Perhaps go for a swim.  Since his profile picture shows him in sunglasses, I asked for a picture of his showing his eyes.  He said that it was a fair request and that he would take a poolside picture.

A couple of hours passed and nothing.

Finally, I received a notification.  I swiped on the notification, unlocked my phone, and opened up the app within seconds.  The picture he sent sort of changed my expectation of what he really looked like but he wasn’t bad looking at all.  He mentioned that it my be an awkward picture due to his lack of selfie experience.  To be honest, it showed.  The picture seemed like he was trying too hard.

After some small talk, he mentioned that he was low on battery (not surprisingly as he mentioned he took more than 10 selfies trying to get the right one) and that he had to go.  But he assured me that he would message me in the evening.

I made plans that night.  I called up my two friends and invited them to trivia.  They both had work the next day but since we hadn’t seen each other in weeks, they were both more than happy to join me.

As I was getting ready, he messaged me.  “Hi,” he said.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Nothing much, just relaxing.  Have to be up early tomorrow so I’m already home and ready for bed.  Just gonna watch some TV.”

“Oh ok.  Listen, it’s not that I don’t want to talk but I am going out tonight.  And since my friends don’t about all this, I won’t be able to respond.  Is that ok?”

“No problem.  I had a lot to deal with this weekend as my daughter’s dog still isn’t doing well so I’m gonna turn in.  It works out perfectly.  Have fun tonite.  Nite.”


End of Day 2


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