This Is A First.

I went on my first date ever.  Period.  My first date.


We matched on Tinder.  I messaged him stating that I loved exploring new beer/food places and he replied with, “Let’s do it!”  He mentioned his favorite BBQ place and I asked him if he’s ever tried a certain chain popular in Orlando.  When he mentioned he hadn’t, I knew it was going to host our first date.  Over four grueling days of waiting for him to reply early in the morning and late at night, we finally made plans.  He lives about 45 minutes away, but that didn’t stop him.

I got to the restaurant about 30 minutes earlier because of who I am as a person.  I sat there for 20 minutes listening to music and telling myself that I was just meeting another friend.  In addition, the thought of who was going to pay for lunch revolved around my head.

About ten minutes prior to the arranged meeting time, I entered the restaurant, picked a seat isolated from the masses and messaged him where I was sitting.  He was punctual: a very good sign.  He looked a lot better than he did on his profile (I chalk it up to the fact that he is 6 years older than I am and he doesn’t seem to be shallow enough to base interest solely on appearance).

After some explanation of what was good on the menu, I paid for our meal and we sat down.  We spoke about what he did and what I did.  What brought him down south and how he’s struggling with renovations at his new condo.  After interesting small talk and a quick lunch, he asked if I wanted anything from the bakery.  We walked over and after some thought he picked out what he wanted, as did I.  He paid.

We ate and spoke about traveling the world and where we’ve been.  I sounded like an idiot at one point, but hey, we can’t sound smart all the time, right?

I asked if he wanted a beer, to which he agreed.  We hopped in my car and drove around to find a bar that was open.  (At this point, I’m low-key freaking out.  There’s a man, who I like, in my car.  We are both out, at least to each other, and both looking for someone.  Whether he was genuinely attracted to me is yet to be discovered.)  Following about 5 minutes of driving around, I picked the popular bar as it was the only one open.

It was pretty empty.  A row of college guys at the bar and a random couple here and there.  Perfect.  We ordered our beers and kept talking.  He seemed to dominate the conversation a little bit, but I didn’t mind.  I won’t bore you guys with the details of conversation as it was nothing out of this world.

When the waitress came to ask if the bill should be separate or together, he answered, “Together.”   (A guy that I like is buying me a beer.  WTF.  Is this real life right now?  This doesn’t happen to me.)

We got back in my car and I drove him to his.  Before he got out, I asked, “Should we exchange numbers?”

“Sure,” he replied.  He put his number in and I called him.  Saved.

We bid our farewells and I thanked him.  He left and got in his car.


—–Cut to 4 hours later—–


“Hey, thanks for the lunch date today.  I really enjoyed your company.  Perhaps we can do it again sometime soon?” I texted him.

“Tonight?” he replied.

Whoa, whoa.  What?  Ok, one of three options here:  Either he is a creep, wants to fuck me right now, or literally can’t wait to see me again.

I texted my best friend and his girlfriend and they assured me that it was fine if I saw him again in the same day.  I didn’t feel to comfortable, however.  He seemed like a perfectly nice guy and I did do my research on Facebook and the like, but it was going too quick.  Right?

“Haha, probably not tonight.  I have other plans.  Are you free later this week?”

“I never charge,” he wrote back.  So he has a sense of humor.  No matter how bad, LMFAO.

“Well, let me put it this way: are you available later this week?”

“I’m free tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday after 4.”

“What about tomorrow?  I have the internet/tv being hooked up.  We could hang out at my house and then grab dinner after?”

Is this safe?  I know he showed me where he lived in comparison to his job and pictures of his apartment in order to explain what he was doing in his renovations, but what this too much?  To go over.  I really like him, but I don’t want to get hurt.  Physically, I mean.  I don’t know him.

“I’m not sure about dinner.  But I think down with hanging out.”

At this point he said that was perfect and he sent me his address.

“Can I ask you a question,” I wrote.

“What,” he replied curtly.

“It’s not a question, per se, but I just wanted to let you know that this is my first time dating, ever.  It’s not that I have trust issues, but I just want there to be complete honesty in any relationship I’m in  Is that something we can both commit to?” I wrote hesitantly.

In a second message I continued, “this is not under the pretense that either of us have lied, but we do barely know each other.”  emoji, emoji, emoji.

“Haven’t lied yet,” he replied.

He always responded in a forthwith manner.  But that is a little bit of a weird response, right?  Is he planning on lying or is he trying to make a little joke?  From my two hours with him, he seemed a bit socially inept.  Not the kind that raises any flags whatsoever, but a really chill person who sort of comes off as awkward at times.  Makes those jokes that go past everyone’s head.  I can deal with that.

After explaining that I thought he was an honest person I realized I seemed crazy for asking that question.  It was too soon.  I asked what time I should be over if he still wanted me to.  He replied with four in the afternoon.

The family member I live with doesn’t know about this part of my life, but I managed to tell a little white lie giving me enough time to get back home from a 40 minute drive.  Come tomorrow, I may just text him and ask him if we can just meet for dinner.

This whole thing might be moving too fast.  Is it?  Or is it just me?  I did a little more research and found a video project he did for his Masters degree.  So he’s not lying about his name or his life.  He really does seem like an honest person.  Am I being irrational?


P.S.  My best friends know exactly where I will be and his information just to be safe. Don’t think I’m being completely careless about this whole situation.



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