Bro Time (Day 3)

So this post is long overdue, but I’ve been taking a lot of road trips with my time off.


After waiting the entire day for him to get off work he finally messaged me.  He asked how I was doing and a replied by saying that everything was fine.  My day was super chill.

Then the truth bomb fall.  He wrote paragraph, essentially explaining that he had made a mistake and that he shouldn’t have taken it that far.  He felt like he had taken advantage of me and that, as the older person, he should have known better.  I immediately stopped to him to remind him that I was a fully consenting adult and I initiated the entire “relationship” I had with him thus far.

He continued to say that if his 23 year old daughter was seeing a 50 year old man, he would be livid.  I mentioned that I didn’t see it that way.  She would be a fully consenting adult aware that whatever the man’s intentions were, she is deciding to proceed with what the relationship led to.  After this, he explained that I was young and that I needed someone my own age in order to learn about sex and date.  Of course, he was right, but I our relationship, if you could call it that, was simple messages.  Nothing more.

As a person that was divorced with a child, he stated that since it was a long time since he “had gotten pussy” I had caught him a vulnerable moment.

In essence, I wanted him to know that he never once took advantage of him and that he shouldn’t feel bad whatsoever.  We were both adults and I knew what I was getting into.  Again ,we had only messaged over this application.  After we exchanged some words, he said that he was looking for someone that lived closer and simply was looking for sex.  I respect that.  He knew full well that although I wanted to pleasure him, I had enough willpower to control myself.  He ended up saying that we should take three weeks to find what we were looking for.  No contact for three weeks.

I agreed as I was up for anything (remember this is my first time talking to other guys).  Other than a couple of “how are you’s” and “hello’s”, we haven’t spoken.

But this Monday will be the three week deadline.

So what’s in store, I wonder as I sit on this metal chair with my phone on one side and a makeshift sangria on the other.


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